Room to frolic in "Munchkin-Land" l Fanciful crèche in Bippen

When the community of Bippen determined that they needed space for their "little ones" it soon became clear that they also wanted to create something special and beautiful for an emerging young generation...

Property: Crèche in Bippen for ca. 15 children aged 0 to 3 years
Sponsor: Lutheran Church District of Bramsche
Planning and execution: Verena Burghardt, Massivholz-Werkstatt Burghardt, Bippen
Floor and paint work: Dietmar Plagge, master painter, Bippen

When the community of Bippen announced that more space was required for their "littlest members", the kindergarten sponsor quickly agreed to create something special and beautiful for their newest generation.
And the results are very convincing:  A modern crèche featuring lots of little nooks and corners – and with plenty of space for crawling, cuddling or frolicking – was created. Thanks to tretford‘s Interland carpeting, the play surfaces are slip resistant and soft alike, thus making slipping or first attempts at walking a real pleasure. The carpet’s colors (569 and 571) accentuate the playing zones while also conforming to the architecture. Moreover, the natural fibers help create a good and healthy indoor climate for the young ones.