Nature, Form & Color

tretford PLANK is available in 25cm  x 100cm boards and can be installed in different patterns, enhancing intelligent design. Our PLANK pile consists of 70% Cashmere goat hair and 30% nylon, making them incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and inherently anti-static. tretford's use of sustainable raw materials makens our tiles naturally filter dust and allergens from the air. tretford PLANK's are an ideal choice for use in offices, daycare centres, hotels, and private residences. tretford tiles and planks come as standard with a recycled PET backing, making it one of the most environmentally friendly floorings on today's market and available in forty colours.

Special Properties

  • Manufactured using sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials
  • Come in sizes 25 x 100 cm
  • Improves acoustics and reduces echo
  • Frayproof (won't unravel or fray)
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Incredibly hardwearing and suitable for use with castors
  • Contribute towards energy savings
  • Low-maintenance


568 Jonquille

560 Curry

564 Amber

591 Salmon

588 Rose

559 Burnt Orange

585 Orange Squash

582 Grapefruit

570 Strawberry

524 Russet

633 Garnet

581 Deep Purple

584 Blackberry

592 Purple

520 Damson

575 Cornflower

567 Lagoon Blue

514 Bilberry

516 Brilliant Blue

517 Riviera

558 Peacock

565 Evergreen

566 Lichen

569 Clover

580 Lettuce Leaf

519 Sage

556 Fern

590 Coffee Bean

573 Tobacco

572 Milk Chocolate

532 Sisal

555 Wild Rice

571 Mushroom

601 Truffle

515 Silver

538 Silver Birch

723 Larch

512 Dapple Grey

534 Anthracite

632 Graphite

Common Questions

What do I need to consider when laying the carpet PLANK?

With a sustainable and environmentally friendly PET backing, tretford INTERLIFE planks are designed for loose-lay installation. In large commerical areas greater than 30 m2 or offices using castor chairs, we recommend installing tretford PLANKS using tackifier adhesives such as F-Ball's F54, Arde AF-825, Uzin U 1000 or Bostik Laybond carpet tackifier.

tretford's unique construction allows the carpet to be cut in any directions without fraying.


Can tretford be installed on new subfloors, damp cellars or in basements?

Before laying tretford carpet, regardless of whether it is carpet tiles or a continuous carpet roll, ensure that the sub-floor is dry, level and free of grease and dust. If the sub-floor was recently poured or damp, a moisture barrier or DPM needs to be applied before installing. Using a hygrometer, the relative hunidity of the sub-floor must NOT exceed 75%.


Can tretford tiles and plank's be installed together?

Since tretford's tiles are installed in checkerboard pattern while tretford plank is installed facing the same direction, it's impossible to combine them in one-floor design.



What is the difference between INTERLAND, EVER, ROLL and INTERLIFE?

The pile material of tretford INTERLAND and EVER consists of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% pure new wool. It offers superior comfort for your living quarters.

As broadloom, Ever (without a mothproofing agent) is available in 40 different colours. Our trendy “Dolce Vita” and “Voyage” colour collections provide additional design options for interiors fitted out with INTERLAND broadloom or carpet tiles.

The pile material of tretford ROLL consists of 80% Cashmere goat hair, 15% nylon and 5% viscose and is available as broadloom in 48 colours. The pile material of tretford INTERLIFE consists of 70% Cashmere goat hair and 30% nylon and is available in carpet tiles and planks in 40 different colours. INTERLIFE and ROLL are highly durable carpets and can thus be used in areas that experience heavy foot traffic or in offices with castor chairs.

Does tretford have to be glued down?

The entire surface area of the continuous carpet should be glued to the sub-floor with suitable carpet glue to guarantee the full 5-year warranty. Careful preparatiion of the sub-floor is essential for optimum results. Please also observe our detailed carpet laying instructions.


Why is the texture of tretford carpeting not perfectly even throughout?

We primarily use the long top hair of Cashmere goats, which differs in colour and texture from animal to animal. Our natural Cashmere goats' hair is collected once a year and subsequently sorted and gently washed. Mongolian goat's natura habitat can be quite harsh, and their coasts are subjected to extreme weather conditions which can cause certain irregularities. Even our unique manufacturing process cannot fully compensate for these natural colour deviations, resulting in unevenness in the ribbed texture. All of this is part of the unmistakable character of tretford. Like linen, tretford carpet has specific little irregularities; which make it one-of-a-kind.