The Love of Nature

The Love of Nature

...engenders the most beautiful colors

What makes tretford products so special is their signature ribbed structure and natural beauty:

Our carpets are like a burst of colors reflecting the seasonal palettes of nature’s landscapes and vegetation. the key to well-being

Nature inspires our colors and the names we give to them - Sahara, Pacific, Moss, for example. These colors, or color combinations, bring a natural touch of vivid landscapes inside your home. Nature and its colors is the key to your well-being.

They bring to mind a barefoot walk through the sand, the search for driftwood along the surf or a fragrant field of lavender – and so much more.

Nature’s colors and structures give us plenty of inspiration for interior design – and also served as a model for tretford’s ˈVoyageˈ Color Collection.


...and awakens the senses.

There is no lovelier place than nature – it awakens our senses, calms us and invigorates us. We want to transport this effect to interior spaces – and the use of premium quality materials plays an important role in this.

At the same time, we are inspired by naturally-occurring structures. Our idea is to bring nature inside and evoke an ˈoutdoor feelingˈ.

The natural materials that we use – especially Cashmere goat hair and virgin wool – help us to create a pleasant living environment – and not just in terms of color!