Sittin‘ in the mornin‘ sun
Then I began to dream about the ocean
or Caribbean flair

I want to stay where I am.

Covid-19 has shown us that holidays abroad – and many other activities – cannot be taken for granted. But these challenging times have also shown us that there are many beautiful things to discover in our immediate surroundings. Some of us are even wondering if we want to go back to how things were before. Today a cruise, tomorrow a trip to Mallorca? The Canary Islands or the Maldives? Perhaps spending our long-yearned for time-off at home once again is not such a bad option?



Absolutely, why not just stay where we are!? We have learned to love and treasure our time spent at home during the past months – our staycation.

No stressful packing and traveling awaits us. Vacation without the pressure of chasing after adventure.  A holiday that is simply and truly relaxing. With a few ideas and the right attitude, it's easy to fall into this new trend.

What's more, the environment benefits from low-key staycations far from crowded vacation spots.

But a staycation should really be just that. The time should be spent reading, cycling, meditating or whatever does us good! The tax return, the household and the long "to do list" will have to wait!

I wish I were a chicken....

A staycation offers time for idleness but also for creativity. The sewing project that you have been putting off for so long. The crafting idea that is eagerly awaiting your attention. Or maybe there's time to plan and execute something entirely new. Revamp your meal planning, or redesign your home to make it a more sustainable, healthier environment. Your holiday mood will last for a long time. Maybe now's the right time to adopt a pet or visit a local farm?



Experience things in a whole new way. You probably haven't looked at your local area with the eyes of a tourist. Research some excursions, hikes and sightseeing and off you go. Even if your area doesn't boast any spectacular sights, there will still be plenty of new and interesting things to discover.

Bring a touch of holiday into your everyday life by incorporating vacation color favorites into your home.

Summery white with sea blue lets our mind escape to faraway places even in our own living room. Country-specific patterns or colors transform our home and make us feel like we're in Brittany, Scotland or staying at a country estate.

Have a wonderful and healthy staycation! Enjoy your local explorations!

Wandering far and wide within the homeland

Our homeland is beautiful and yet happy holiday memories have us firmly in their grip? We are consumed with wanderlust?

Counter this with design ideas for your home. Green hues of the jungle harmonized quite wonderfully with the colors of the Caribbean.



Such color worlds combined in a customized carpet – with matching plants and accessories – can create little oases that inspire far-away dreams. Let your thoughts wander off into the distance...



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