We trust in nature to sustain perfection

Two of our key priorities are environmental protection & pollution reduction

This follows through our entire process, from the selection of our raw ingredient, Cashmere goat hair, through to the development of our carpets.

We have worked with the same goat farmers and their families in Mongolia for over 60 years, ensuring continuity of supply in an environment that encourages partnership, mutual growth and trust.
All of the Cashmere goat hair used in tretford carpets is dyed without bleaching, which not only gives our carpets their stunning, naturally rich colour.

Working with goat farmers in Mongolia for over 60 years and their families

tretford natural fibre carpeting does much more than enhance the design and décor of your property. Some of the environmental qualities of our carpets and tiles include:

  • Performs as an air filter
  • Asthma Friendly
  • Reduces airborne dust and allergens, and improves indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Promotes energy savings, and facilitates excellent indoor acoustics
  • Naturally anti-static (meeting IBM & ICL Standards for computer installations)
  • Manufactured with sustainable, natural fibres from Cashmere goat hair
  • Exemplary environmental protections and pollution reductions in manufacturing
  • Exceptional performance in heavy duty, high traffic areas and soil resistant

Why cashmere goat hair?

When the world was using sheep wool, why did the tretford founders decide to seek out the cashmere goat hair of Inner Mongolia? The reasons today are as compelling as they were back in the 1950s

Firstly, why goat hair?

Goat hair is much tougher and more durable than sheep’s wool which makes it ideal for hard working, public spaces that require a hard wearing, durable carpet.

Goat hair is much easier to care for than sheep’s wool due to a microscopic layer of fat that acts as a dirt repellent – literally, dirt doesn’t stick to and get absorbed into the fibres of goat hair in the way that it does with sheep’s wool

Ok, so why hair from Mongolian goats and not good old European goats?

Mongolian goat hair is much longer than European goat hair – averaging at 70-80mm! The tretford process needs long strands of hair to meet our complex manufacturing requirements – Short hair is simply no good.

Mongolian Goat’s hair is more durable that the hair of their European siblings. Why? because these Mongolian goats live on Asia’s high plateaus where they are exposed to extreme temperatures. In the winter, temperatures reach minus 40 degrees Celsius – in the summer, they climb to 30 degrees Celsius. Basically, a tough life builds an even tougher carpet.

The special structure of a cashmere hair fibre allows for especially radiant colours that endure and do not fade.

Clearly, our goats are our sustainable advantage:

We use sustainable ingredients (goat hair) and sustainable processes that reduce demands on our ecosystems all over the world

Finally, a few words about our goats.

No animals are slaughtered for their hair. In fact, only healthy goats grow hair healthy enough to pass our quality standards. The hair of a dead or unhealthy goat is simply not suitable for the manufacturing of high-grade tretford carpets. Thus the emphasis on the health and wellbeing of our goats in Mongolia is paramount to our farming partners to achieve top prices for their product. Lastly, the goats are combed by hand. The cashmere goat is not injured and retains enough hair to survive on the high plateaus.

Did you know, that it takes roughly one goat to produce enough hair for roughly 1 square metre of tretford Cord Carpet – Over the years, well over 100 million square metres of tretford carpet have been laid -that’s a lot of Mongolian Cashmere Goat hair all around the world – Perhaps more importantly, that’s tens of thousands of Farming communities thriving in Mongolia.