Our History

A unique artisanal product built on expertise

Craft carpet – tretford cord carpet

tretford manufactures tretford ribbed carpet in roll and tiles. Furthermore, thousands of bespoke rugs are hand made by our rug experts and sold to corporations, retailers and individual customers worldwide every year.

As a privately owned family business, our environmental leadership and certification put us at the forefront of our industry. The industry looks to us, and we enjoy this responsibility as we make our industry ever greener. At our core is a passion and commitment to sustainability – Ask the farmers and goats with whom we have relationships that span generations.

tretford today ist he same as it was in the 1950’s – A unique, artisanal product built on the expertise of a couple of generations of craftsmen, with an eye on a better, greener future.

Our founders discovered the goats of inner Mongolia almost by chance and were instantly stuck by the possibilities.

Background to tretford

tretford was first created in the 1950s; As post-war Europe re-built itself, two men built a carpet business – Based initially in The Netherlands, tretford created a hard-wearing, natural and colourful product to reflect the optimism of the times. Our founders built machines from scratch, by hand in many cases, sourced materials from all over the world and set to work building a different empire. You could say a hand-crafted empire.

Back in the 1950’s most carpet was 100% Natural – wool-based. However, sheep wool is soft and not durable, and, as a “curly” fibre, it cannot be used to form a structured rib – This is where the straight, goat hair comes in, and uniquely creates the tretford rib – an almost unnaturally enduring product

Our founders discovered the goats of Inner Mongolia almost by chance and were instantly struck by the possibilities:

  • A tough wearing, natural fibre, farmed at scale
  • A “straight” hair facilitating the ribbed, structured effect
  • A “by-product” of another industry – Soft Cashmere
  • A hard working, trusted and high-quality supply chain delivering at the scale, quantity, consistency and quality required
  • A product that would hold colour dye, offering limitless design possibilities

When farmed correctly, and with an eye on the future – the goats are an excellent example of nature and progress working together in harmony – and the goats are at the heart of our environmental philosophy and green credentials.