tretford Ever Blauer Engel

Pure nature beneath your feet

EVER is manufactured exclusively of natural, sustainable materials and comes without moth-proofing treatment. tretford EVER timeless ribbed design has a superior sound-insulating capacity. It is available in a large selection of colours, making EVER an attractive carpet for all your living spaces. It is easy-care, hard-wearing and improves indoor air quality.

Special Properties

  • environmentally friendly
  • reduces noise and echo
  • frayproof (won't unravel or fray)
  • manufactured using natural, sustainable materials
  • durable and easy-care
  • improves room climate
  • without added moth-proofing agents
  • effectively reduces fine dust in indoor air


568 Jonquille

560 Curry

564 Amber

591 Salmon

588 Rose

559 Burnt Orange

585 Orange Squash

582 Grapefruit

570 Strawberry

524 Russet

633 Garnet

581 Deep Purple

584 Blackberry

592 Purple

520 Damson

575 Cornflower

567 Lagoon Blue

514 Bilberry

516 Brilliant Blue

517 Riviera

558 Peacock

565 Evergreen

566 Lichen

569 Clover

580 Lettuce Leaf

519 Sage

556 Fern

590 Coffee Bean

573 Tobacco

572 Milk Chocolate

532 Sisal

555 Wild Rice

571 Mushroom

601 Truffle

515 Silver

538 Silver Birch

723 Larch

512 Dapple Grey

534 Anthracite

632 Graphite

Common Questions

What needs to be considered when using Ever in offices and studies?

tretford Ever is suitable for use in living areas. If your office chairs are on castors, you should safeguard your carpet using a heavy-duty plastic carpet protector.

As an alternative, we recommend using our heavy-duty to extreme wear carpet styles:

INTERLAND tiles – heavy duty (for home office)

ROLL - broadloom - extreme wear

INTERLIFE – floorboard & tiles – extreme wear (for use in commercial and home offices)

Are the seams noticeable when several carpet sheets are fitted side by side?

It is not possible to completely hide the seam when laying several carpet sheets. To achieve the best results at joints, you can trim the factory-finish edge and use a spike roller. As a rule, it is virtually impossible to perfectly align the individual ribs in two sheets because the carpet shifts slightly as the glue dries.

Usually the seams are noticeable initially after laying when the room is still empty of furnishings. In our experience, this appearance soon diminishes due to foot traffic and use of the carpet. With time, the ribs "settle" and the individual fibres become overlapped. Foot traffic crushes the ribs together and conceals the seam so that it is less noticeable. It is, however, not possible to make the seam completely "invisible".

What do I need to consider when laying ROLL on stairs?

tretford ROLL broadloom is unusually hard-wearing. Stair nosing or profiles are recommended for commercial staircases to protect edges that are subjected to high traffic. For further information, please consult the carpet laying guidelines for ROLL broadloom. 

Are tretford Ever products manufactured without mothproofing treatment?

Yes, tretford Ever is an alternative for anyone wanting to do without such substances: it is deliberately manufactured without the addition of moth-proofing agents.

All other tretford carpet products using natural materials are treated with moth-proofing agents, more specifically with permethrin. The GUT (Association for Environmentally-Friendly Carpeting) calls for all carpeting made of natural materials be protected against moths. To do so requires at least 120 mg permethrin for every kg of wool or hair. tretford products comply with all GUT environmentally standards.

Does tretford have to be glued down?

The entire surface area of the broadloom carpet should be glued to the sub-floor with recommended carpet adhesive to guarantee the full 5 year warranty. Careful preparation of the sub-floor is essential for optimum results. Please refer to our detailed carpet laying instructions.

What do I need to consider when laying carpet over underfloor heating systems?

When laying tretford continuous carpet over underfloor heating, ensure the carpet's entire surface area has completely adhered to the subfloor. Observe the recommendation supplied by the underfloor heating system and adhesive manufacturer.

An electric underfloor heating system, for instance, has a supply temperature that is too high, which is why tretford carpet is not suitable for use with this type of system.

Ensure that there is relative humidity during the installation period.


Can tretford also be installed on new subfloors or in basements?

Before laying tretford carpet, regardless of whether it is carpet tiles or a continuous carpet, ensure that the sub-floor is dry, level and free of all grease and dust. If the sub-floor was recently poured or damp, a moisture barrier or DPM needs to be applied before installing carpet.

Why is broadloom carpet only available in a width of 2 metres?

Owing to production factors, it is not possible to manufacture tretford carpets wider than 2m. One advantage of 2m wide rolls is that it makes it easier to transport, especially in stairways.