Nature, colour, structure and trust for high demands

tretford for commercial buildings merges all the advantages of natural Cashmere goat's hair with nylons' extreme durability. It reduces sound reverberation in shared workspaces and dramatically diminishes the transfer of sound between floors caused by footfall or impact. Cashmere goats' hair natural characteristics absorb the fine particulate dust matter, creating a healthier and safer working environment. The carpet is low maintenance and highly durable even when used with castor chairs. tretford ROLL and INTERLIFE carpet tile is ideal for open-plan offices, breakout areas, acoustic sound pods, hotels, retail showrooms and stairs.

tretford ROLL is available in 48 stunning colours with our sustainable and environmentally friendly backed INTERLIFE tile/floorboards manufactured in 40 vibrant colours, which allows us to offer something unique to the global market. Unlimited colour and design possibilities that continually exceed commercial carpet standards at a worldwidel level.






BT Investment Management

Flooded with natural light, the space has a robust honesty that is injected with accents of ingenuity.

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Work, physical activity and play l tretford carpeting brings color and movement into the office

The Berlin-based eichner bastian architekten team created a positive working environment for employees of Syspons by also adding colorful carpeting to some of the vertical surfaces. This opens up new and unusual perspectives for the creative thought process.

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An office building with a distinct identity

tretford carpeting for AkzoNobel, Amsterdam

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Structure, color, orientation

tretford’s color diversity underscores the architectural concept

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Colours for the new tretford Headquarters in Wesel

When tapping the power of innovation, fantasy and daring, extraordinary things can be developed

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