Transforming your rooms into customizable living space

Stay flexible when designing interior spaces by opting for carpet tiles by tretford. Our loose-lay carpet tiles can be installed wall-to-wall and enable you to transform rooms with little effort. Indeed, carpet tiles let your rooms evolve and metamorphose over time.

With over 60 colors to choose from, the design possibilities for living rooms, bedrooms and nurseries are virtually endless.

Our short film shows how easy it is to transform your living spaces. The colors that we used are from our VOYAGE Collection.

"Lava“, the basic tone, remains while only the color stripes and decoration is changed. It’s quick and easy to do this; in fact, you don’t even have to move the sofa. See for yourself…

Quickly transforming a room – that’s easily said but is it also easily done? We asked Mirima Medri, the designer and interior decorator. Check out the interview below.

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628 Caribbean

640 Ice

655 Mustard

657 Magma

651 Lava

The same room in 3 different variations

Change the composition of colors in a room to match the season. Our practical carpet tiles let you create a variety of moods.

A completely new impression can be achieved with the appropriate wall colors, decorations and a new sofa covering.  Voilà, your new home!

It’s easy and uncomplicated: Self-laying INTERLAND tiles are made of natural and renewable materials that come in 60 different shades. They are easily cut into a desired shape and offer countless possibilities for combining colors and patterns.

It’s easy and uncomplicated: Self-laying INTERLAND tiles are made of natural and renewable materials that come in 60 different shades. They are easily cut into a desired shape and offer countless possibilities for combining colors and patterns.

538 Silver Birch

611 Pear

588 Rose

641 Arctic

643 Tundra

556 Fern

565 Evergreen

652 Peat

572 Milk Chocolate

A room that will grow with your child

A nursery that is 'convertible' pays dividends as your kids pass through childhood!  tretford carpet tiles can be beautifully incorporated into playscapes and themed bedrooms that can be redesigned time and again. Numbers and geometric forms can be playfully learned. Once flocked carpet tiles by tretford have been installed in their room, Max and Paul won’t even have to go outdoors to play hopscotch.

And when our children have outgrown hopping and skipping games, these tiles – which are installed completely without adhesives – can quickly be replaced with others. Thus, in the twinkling of an eye, a 'play farm' is transformed into a study-friendly school child’s room.

Self-laying tiles by tretford isolate impact footfall noise and provide much greater slip resistance than smooth floors. Their pile material consists of 80% robust Cashmere goat hair and 20% soft virgin wool– a blend  that reduces fine particulate matter in the air while also having a regulating effect on the indoor climate. At the same time, our carpet tiles are easy on the joints.

515 Silver

585 Orange Squash

517 Riviera

580 Lettuce Leaf

569 Clover

622 Wasabi

568 Jonquille

570 Strawberry

516 Brilliant Blue

Interview with Miriam Medri on how to transform rooms

tretford: "Ms. Medri, as a designer and interior decorator you are always in search of custom solutions for clients. Does flexibility really play such a big role?"

Miriam Medri: "Yes, flexibility and changeability play a big role nowadays. Customers want to keep open the option of redesigning a room or making changes by means of color accents throughout the year. But flexibility and changeability are also in demand because people move house more often these days."

Experiences that we make in our day by day lives also inform this line of reasoning. Especially in families with children, for example, such questions as 'What do I do in the event of a stain?' and 'Will the room adapt to all aspects of the growing child’s needs and, if so, how?' take center stage.

The need for both practicality and creativity underlie our desire for changeability and convertibility.

And thus, there’s a strong focus on changeable, modifiable products, including adaptable system furniture and slipcovers for upholstered furniture that can be taken off and replaced. But this focus also extends to elements that shape and define the room such as colors and floor coverings."

tretford: Which concrete tips can you offer for the design of living rooms and children’s rooms?

Miriam Medri: "It doesn’t take much to create a new ambiance. Making provisions for this option in the run-up to planning – by means of the product and material selection – is a good idea.

Carpet tiles by tretford make it easy for our customers to redesign their floorspace. The extensive color palette offers sheer endless combination possibilities so that you can give free reign to your imagination when creating a new ambiance.

In most cases all you need is a bucket of paint and a bit of dexterity to transform a functional, modern living space into a cozy and warm oasis of well-being."

tretford: "Ms. Medri, thank you very much for this interview."

Miriam Medri creates spatial and living concepts for commercial and private clients. She also designs photosets for the catalogs and ads of renowned manufacturers.